As part of the 9th Annual EuroMed Conference: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Digital Ecosystems took place an inspirational meeting with Candace Johnson, the President of EBAN (The European Trade Association for Business Angels), founder and president of

– SES/ ASTRA and SES Global, the world’s pre-eminent satellite group
– Europe Online Investments S.A
– Loral Cyberstar-Teleport Europe, the first private company providing satellite communication in Europe
– Global Telecom Women’s Network (GTWN)
– VATM (the Association of Private Telecom Operators) in Germany.

Candace drew attention to the challenges startups need to overcome, shared advices on entrepreneurship and accented the crucial role of positive and self-confident way of thinking. Candace told the story of her first business started at the age of 23: the problems she solved and the hardships she conquered.

The highly involved audience asked many questions regarding the development of their own startups.

Candace also emphasised the important role of women in business and on the labour market. She introduced the inspiring story of a group of women at the Pacific Islands, who developed their own communication network with satellites, providing Internet connection for the entire region.

According to Candace, the most valuable achievement is to turn an idea into an innovation. Contemporary economy is based on innovations, which are introduced by startups to a large extent: that is why big corporations should cooperate with innovative young firms. However, there is a “missing link”, as corporations expect similar organisational procedures and business culture from the more agile and innovative, but less formal and financially constrained startups. Startups need the support of business angels, who invest their own money into startups, giving their own experience and not counting on immediate return.

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