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Match IT Mentors & Committee

Katarzyna Śledziewska – Committee

Prof. Katarzyna Śledziewska is the CEO of DELab UW – Digital Economy Lab at the University of Warsaw. She also leads Smart Economy & Innovation programme. She does her research in digital and international economy, Joint Single Market, economic integration and regionalism. She works at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, UW, and gives lectures on the theory of economic integration, regional agreements and applied macroeconomic analyses. She is a board member of Readie and Polish Council of Digitalisation.



Agnieszka PugacewiczAgnieszka Pugacewicz – Committee

Agnieszka is a coordinator of the Entrepreneurship & Academia programme at DELab (Digital Economy Lab) UW. This programme enables university-business collaboration within the University of Warsaw premises. She is interested in openness of public and scientific data, interdisciplinary cooperation and intra- or entrepreneurship within the academia.

She represents the University of Warsaw in ACEEU – “Accreditation for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Unversity”. She also consults in higher education and supports non-governmental organizations in social, legal and cultural projects.


Aleksy Schubert – Committee

Prof. Aleksy Schubert is a deputy director in the Institute of Informatics at the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics at the UW. Students of his course “Ideas and Informatics” will provide the Match IT teams with programming skills.
Prof. Schubert’s academic interests are centered around application of logic in computer science with a particular emphasis on formal verification of programms. In his scientific-professional life he participated in a thorough-analysis of the source codes of real programms of various sizes. He is experienced in conducting industrial projects in the IT field.


Katarzyna DorseyKatarzyna Dorsey – Committee, Mentor

Kasia is passionate about building global start-ups believing that technology is changing the world for a better place. With years of extensive experience in marketing in The Coca-Cola Company on international markets, currently focusing on building global company Yosh.AI with the use of Artificial Intelligence for apparel business. Supported by Google Campus, global accelerator program Blackbox.vc from Silicon Valley powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, Leadership Academy with assoc. of Harvard University, as well as experts and mentors from Google Launchpad program, where is mentoring other global startups, her dream and work is to change how apparel retail is operating globally and transform it into conversational commerce with personalisation to better serve users needs.


Jacek SztolcmanJacek Sztolcman – Committee

Jacek is an experienced manager in B2B sector. He specialises in enterprises operations and development, recovery plans, optimisation of sales and communication.
He has 14-year experience as a managing director in the production and commercial industries. He also worked as a business consultant and implementation specialist.

Jacek also built a few new businesses, then sold them to the industry investors.
At the University of Warsaw, he is a CEO of Inkubator UW and a broker at the Technology Transfer Centre.

Marlena Syliwoniuk- Total Management

Graduated from Interdisciplinary Studies in Economics and Management and International Economics at the University of Warsaw, second year student of Master’s degree in Finance and Accounting from the Warsaw School of Economics. In DELab UW from February 2016. Her super-powers include speaking Swedish, crisis management, ability to work under pressure and coming up with contingency plans. Good governance practices in sport, startups, economic integration are just some of the topics you can talk with her for hours. You can always bribe her with cup of strong, black and good coffee. Privatly, admirer of beautiful dresses, works of Polish artists, sport, travel and music festivals.

Daria Zyśk- Total Management

She studies at the 5th year of political science at the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Warsaw. She gained experience during her activity in the Student Self-Government (such as, as chair of the local government cooperation council of the University of Warsaw). She likes to work under the time-pressure, she finds herself perfectly in chaos, and organizing events and being social media ninja does not make her any difficult. In her spare time she devotes herself to photographic passion, catching up on reading and watching sports.


Michał Dusiński – Mentor/ Technology

Michał is an agile evangelist and COO at Delta Unit, Inc. For 17 years in the IT industry, Michał has always been in love with an agile management. Graduated from the Wrocław University of Technology, he has got leading competences from the very beginning – firstly scouting, then management boards of the companies and non-governmental organizations.
Co-creator of several technological clusters, experienced JAVA Architect, Scrum Master and trainer. He conducts training and workshops with Scrum at a few colleges in Poland.


Piotr BoulangéPiotr Boulangé – Mentor/ Product

Piotr is The Founder Institute Warsaw director and the COO of Pozamiatane.pl. He is also an expert in coworking.

He consulted and co-operated both with corporations (ING, T-Mobile, Orange, BIK i BIG InfoMonitor), and startups (eSKY, Gruper, ClockWork, Taxify). He is a lecturer at SGH in Warsaw.



Joanna Fedorowicz – Mentor/ Communication

Joanna is a Founder and CEO of OvuFriend, data driven web-platforms helping women during preconception, pregnancy and motherhood – supported by Google Campus Warsaw Residency Program and Blackbox power by Google for Entrepreneurs, Silicon Valley. Holds an Engineering degree from Warsaw University of Technology as well as MBA degree from San Francisco State University. Has extensive marketing knowledge gained working in international companies. Passionate about using the power of big-data and AI to drive better health outcomes.


Grzegorz Kapkowski – Mentor/ Technology

Grzesiek is a Software Developer, CTO of Userfeeds, always looking for new challenges and interesting technologies. He’s been programming professionally since ~2007 and worked with various tech stacks from web (frontend&backend) and mobile through hobby hardware projects and finally to blockchains.

Now focusing on how people interact with technology and how technology can help people better allocate their most precious resources.


Gosia MrózGosia Mróz – Mentor/ Business

Gosia is a founder of letme.ai, the platform that will find the best game “for you – for you”. The application is based on intelligent search engine based on artificial intelligence.

Before LETME, Gosia she was one of the first to join the contact team.io, where she was involved in the development of the company in the UK, Ireland and US markets. Previously, she spent 3 years in China leading production expansion projects for BMW Group and collaborating with BCG.

Gosia received a Master’s degree at King’s College London, previously studied at EDHEC Business School in France and Cracow University of Economics.

Paweł GoraPaweł Gora – Mentor/ Technology

Paweł is a Ph.D. candidate and researcher at the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw. He completed software engineering and research internships at Microsoft, Google, CERN and IBM Research.

Author of many research articles which were frequently cited and awarded. His research interests include artificial intelligence and its applications, e.g., in a domain of transport, medicine and e-commerce.


Tomasz Borowiec – Mentor/ Technology

For 20 years in the IT / Software Development industry, Java architect, co-founder of dev shops – ‘Cohesiva’ and ‘Delta Unit’. Business coach, Scrum certified expert, creator of a Scrum simulation game (scrumdroid.pl) awarded by Project Management Institute. For many years he worked in German-speaking countries as a software developer in the banking sector. He’s the co-founder of ‘Agile Force’ – an agile training company.



Aga OsytekAga Osytek – Mentor/ Communication

Aga is interdependent social entrepreneur, driven by being FODA – Friend of Deaf Adults In 2013-2016, she was successfully building awarness about the Deaf by brand Migam. Currently, she builds #DeafRespect Agency – she brings to the market the Deaf’s perspective through education, UX testing and marketing.

Strategical expert at a global competition Chivas Venture. In 2016 she was its first Polish finalist. Expert at Founder Insitute, PwC Startup Collider and Cross European Women Business Angels. Active fellow of Kairos Society Polish Chapter.


Tomasz JabłońskiTomasz Jabłoński – Mentor/ Product, Business

For 10 years Tomek has been supporting beginning entrepreneurs. He built the largest enterprise incubator in Poland, servicing over 1000 companies. Creator of Startup Academy – the most intensive program for people starting their own business adventure.

He is organizing many startup acceleration programs in cooperation with local governments and corporations. He works with startups leading entrepreneurs from idea to gaining . Founder of several startups, including a textbook for learning English with native speakers.


Ali Łada-GolaAli Łada-Gola – Mentor/ Business

Aleksandra (Ali) Łada-Gola develops & executes marketing strategies using her entrepreneurial mindset and global go-to-market experience. Over 10 years of sales and management experience in the US & Europe. With a career at both large tech companies and a co-founder of a digital startup, she has built deep global commercialisation skills in technology and medical industries. Ali serves as a workshop facilitator in the area of tech, education, innovation and branding. She is passionate about her personal branding consultancy, “Your Impact,” where she supports professionals on reinventing their career progression; she facilitated such a workshop for GE’s 20th anniversary of their Women’s Network.


Piotr Juchnowicz – Mentor/ Product&Communication

Piotr has over 10 years of experience working for large engineering companies and most recently as a solution architect for one of the top 3 CAD system’s vendors – SIEMENS Industry Software. His responsibilities include analysing the needs of his customers and finding and customizing the best solution within the SIEMENS portfolio to address their needs. He worked in many sectors like Automotive, Power Generation, Security and Aerospace & Defence.

Since 2015 he is one of the Co-Founders of theConstruct – Design Review Platform in VR.


Łukasz Czerwiński – Mentor/ Technology

Łukasz graduated from University of Warsaw, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics.
He worked as a programmer in California for 3 years, including Google and a Light.house security camera startup in Silicon Valley.
Łukasz returned to Poland longing for home country and people here. Soon after his return, he won a fintech Startup Weekend and continued working on that startup project in acceleration program with PKO BP.
Currently, Łukasz takes part in startup projects in Warsaw and Poznań in e-mobility sector. He values a lot genuine relationships and loves classical and choir music.


Justyna Wysocka-Golec – Mentor/ Business

Co-Founder & CEO at LGM S.A., a company that develops innovations allowing to increase the power received from electric generators several times.
Her company is a last year’s winner of Hackathon Digital University and Startup Award at Economic Forum in Tarnów. She has been nominated for hundreds of best startups in Europe during the Hello Tomorrow Challenge in Paris and up to 40 of Europe’s top technology startups during High Tech Ventures Days in Dresden. Justyna is a graduate of environmental engineering at the AGH University of Science and Technology. Stanisław Staszic in Cracow and MBA studies in the Cracow Business School of the Cracow University of Economics. He has several years of experience in managing environmental consulting companies. As an expert on climate change, consultant and project manager and then as managing director, she advised business clients on emissions management, carbon footprint, sustainable development and smart city. She is also a laureate of the title of Business Entrepreneur of the European Women Entrepreneurship Award. and doing business

Zuzanna Śleszyńska – Mentor/ Communication

E-commerce and mobile enthusiast, fascinated by everything fash-tech related. For the past 4 years cooperated with online shops internationally. Co-founder of Lettly – shoppable Instagram software and influencer marketing agency.

Currently involved in the launch of Communications and Growth Hacking Institute Public Space.



Piotr Kreft – Mentor/ Business

With 11+ years of experience in Digital, Piotr is an expert in e-commerce and omnichannel management for online and bricks & mortar retail. Over the past years he’s been part of Top Management in Groupon Poland, where he was responsible for the transformation from start-up stage to a fully established online goods platform and development of highly effective sales teams. He’s pioneered the first European e-commerce platform for an outlet shopping center at Fashion House in Moscow and has co-founded start-ups within consulting, health-tech, education and m-commerce sectors.
Piotr graduated from Hogeschool INHOLLAND in Amsterdam in International Business Management and holds an Executive MBA degree from Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University. Piotr has often been invited as an expert speaker to numerous e-commerce, IoT and innovation events in London, Moscow, Warsaw, and San Francisco.

Agata Piekut – Mentor/ Product

Founder & CEO of Healthy Culture Action Tank, a research organization focused on health tech. Right now, together with IBM Watson Health, she runs a research project on chatbots’ potential role in prevention and health monitoring, esp. natural language understanding.

Author on two books: Hello Reputation: We Trust People. We Remember Stories. We Buy Experiences and Introduction to Patient Experience.


Anna Firlej – Mentor/ Product

Ania is a Product Manager with deep SEO knowledge and longtime experience in web-based products. Focused on effect. a creative and detail-oriented person involved in introduction and implementation of innovative solutions and services with a focus on market needs.
Experienced manager with a demonstrated history of working in multinational environment of web-based companies (Goldenline.pl, Docplanner.com, FitPlanner.pl). Skilled in Product, Project Management, User Experience Design, Product Planning.
Anna is an Online Analytics expert able to generate and maintain substantial website user stream (6,5+MM monthly).

Piotr Ziewiec – Mentor/ Product

VP Revenue at DocPlanner.com. A graduate of Faculty of Economic Sciences, UW. He has been working in internet companies since 2009. Started in GoldenLine, since 2012 at Docplanner. He worked in sales and product development. Currently leads the revenue team. He feels the startup vibe, has experience in product development and monetization. A runner and petrolhead in free time.



Jakub Wojciechowski – Mentor/ Technology

Jakub has graduated from Psychology and Computer Science at the University of Warsaw. CTO of Alice.si. Alice is a social impact engine built on the Ethereum blockchain. Our mission is to make the impact of social organizations radically transparent and accessible, so that they can raise the funds they need to eradicate the world’s biggest problems and CEO of Silvertown.



Jan Poleszczuk – Mentor/ Technology

Assistant Professor at the Nalecz Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering Polish Academy of Sciences.
One year ago, he moved back to Poland after finishing his postdoctoral training at the Moffitt Cancer Center in USA, where, in addition to his scientific research, he was gathering the knowledge about implementing new technologies in clinical environment. He successfully submitted a patent application (still being processed by the office) and works hard on a software in his US based startup company.



Maria Połońska – Mentor/ Business

Maria is a sales & marketing strategist working with new technologies. She is a founder of an interactive agency Kreatik. She builds digital products together with a go-to-market strategy helping her clients reach their goals.
Previously, Maria worked for management consulting companies such as Roland Berger or CMT Advisory and for VC/PE funds. She was a mentor in HugeThing and Alfa.ac accelerator programs.
Whenever she can, Maria travels to Asia. She reached Beijing by The Trans-Siberian Railway and Istanbul in charity rally Złombol with 25 years old Fiat 125p.



Bartek Balewski – Mentor/ Produkt

I’m consultant and co-founder of TGTH agency. For over 10 years I was working for large and small organizations in Poland and across the world. I was working for such brands like HP, Google, Seat. I’m certified Google expert in an area of Ux and product development.
In HP innovation center in Barcelona, I was designing interfaces for large format printing. Together with Google mentors community, I’m helping young companies to deliver a great user experience to their clients. My goal is to engage in the project from the idea to the release and further.



Marcin Sowa -Mentor/ Technology

Experienced software developer who is always looking for the big picture. I’m gonna use IT to push Your ideas to the new level.



Aleksandra Gołdys – Mentor/ Communication

Ola is a sociologist, researcher and an activist experienced
 in providing expertise and leading large-scale evaluation 
programs for state and non-profit organizations. Her key
 interests are social change in health promoting, public 
policy in sport and innovation in higher education. She is using her scientific background in building wide partnerships for creating better programs and policies. Working in Eastern Europe taught her how to act smart, seek synergies and never give up.



Anna Karcz-Czajkowska- Mentor/Product

Entrepreneur, startuper, academic lecturer, PhD student at UW. She has graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Faculty of Pedagogy at the University of Warsaw. Work experience gained from such a companies as Edipresse Polska, OnBoard PR, as well as from running her own software house and creative studio JCD.pl and startups – Windu CMS content management system and a tool to improve the work of graphic designers – Symu.co.nz She currently coordinates communication activities at the University of Warsaw Incubator. Has competences in Building and developing startups, creating and implementing brand promotion strategies, marketing communications, and content marketing. In her spare time she supports young parents in the psychology of child development and education, promoting parenting of intimacy, natural feeding, proper wearing of scarves and soft bumps. She rests with her family actively – in motion, in the forest, on the journey.



Aleksandra Dudek – Mentor/Communication

Ola is an ideas’ enthusiast. She loves talking and helping others. She likes when technology meets knowledge and when people use innovations to improve the quality of life in the world.
For over 7 years she has been dealing with communication. As an independent consultant, she develops and implements communication strategies, events and corporate social responsibility campaigns. Experience gained in global PR agencies working for both B2B and B2C clients. Among its clients are companies from the fields of new technologies, education, fuel, public administration, finance and armaments.
Ola is also involved in TEDxWarsaw, TED’s biggest event in Poland. She heads the team responsible for collaborating with the speakers.



Michał Paradowski- Mentor/Business

In 4 Results he is responsible for sales and marketing improvement. In addition to the development of the offer he also manages the projects. His mission is to provide our clients with the fullest possible support in one of the most important areas of their business – sales and marketing. He is involved at the level of the strategy, which results in concrete recommendations and actions for all levels of the organization. He shapes Strategies based on the “Focus on Core” approach. For more than 10 years he has worked on managerial positions (marketing and sales) at Mars Polska (Masterfoods). He was responsible for the development and management of the team and brand management.



Marta Cwalina-Śliwińska- Mentor/Product

She believes that everything can be done better than it is done today. That is why marketing, which is responsible for business development, perfectly fits into her personality.
For 12 years she has been successful at Mars Polska – a global corporation that can boast of marketing at the highest level in the world. Managed brands such as M & M’s, Twix, Mars and Bounty. She led and launched regional projects on Pedigree, Chappi, Kitekat and Perfect Fit brands. She has developed and implemented several marketing strategies, introduced a number of new products to the Polish market and Central Europe, managed media campaigns and implemented many marketing plans in force. She co-developed and implemented strategies of Mars Polska business development at key retail clients in Poland such as Biedronka, Tesco and Lidl.
Today he runs his own marketing consulting firm CWALINA MARKETING CONSULTING. It advises companies and businesses (regardless of business and industry) how to build brands, how to make the best deals, how to spend money on marketing, and how to develop business strategies.
She graduated from the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw and the Center for American Studies at the University of Warsaw, and also studied at the Otto-Friedrich Universität Bamberg in Germany. Privatly, she is a true travel, photography and horse riding lover.