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prof. Anna Giza-Poleszczuk

Vice-Rector for Development of the University of Warsaw

prof. Anna Giza-Poleszczuk

prof. Anna Giza-Poleszczuk combines high academic credentials as a renowned theoretical sociologist (her book, co-authored with prof. Marody, is already a classic in the subject of social ties and social order) with many years of vast experience in business. 

dr Aleksandra Przegalińska

Kozminski University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

dr Aleksandra Przegalińska

PhD in philosophy of artificial intelligence, interested in consequences of introducing artificial intelligence systems to people’s social and professional sphere as well as wearable technologies and human/bot interaction.

dr Alek Tarkowski

Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation
Creative Commons Poland

dr Alek Tarkowski

Sociologist, digital policymaker and researcher of digital society. Policy expert on digital transformation, intellectual property and digital content policies, open and digital education, and digital skills. Currently focused on understanding social and cultural aspects of the next digital shift.

Katja Bego

Senior researcher in Technology Futures at Nesta

Katja Bego

Senior researcher and data scientist, and coordinator of EU Engineroom, a European Commission-funded project helping to build a more democratic, resilient and inclusive future internet. Her work primarily focuses on the impact of digital technologies on our societies, democracies and physical space.


9:00 Opening of the Conference, Welcome Speech by Prof. Anna Giza-Poleszczuk, Vice-Rector for Development of the University of Warsaw

9:10 Keynote Speaker – Aleksandra Przegalińska (Center for Collective Intelligence at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, USA)

9:35 Keynote  Speaker – Katja Bego (NESTA, UK)

10:00 Keynote  Speaker – Alek Tarkowski (Creative Commons Poland, Centrum Cyfrowe)

10:25 Discussion

10:45-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-14:15 Session 1

14:15 – 15:00 Lunch

15:00 – 18:15 Session 2


The key idea of the discussion is to rethink digitalisation. The discussion will focus on developing acritical approach towards digital transformation of societies and to address the challenges for democracy flowing from the power of algorithms. We encourage participants to question the dominant positions on the following topics and to voice alternative concepts describing, among others:



Conference Manager

Justyna Pokojska

DELab UW | Digital Economy Lab
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