Digital Ecosystems Conference @DELab UW


During the conference Digital Ecosystems (29.06.2015, Auditorium Maximum, University of Warsaw) we took part in three keynote speeches and more than 40 other speeches. The conference was opened by Prorector of University of Warsaw prof. Anna Giza.

The keynotes who made lectures were:

    • prof. Luciano Floridi (Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford): The New Morphology of Power, he told about social control and power in the world of digitalization,
    • prof. Boleslaw K. Szymanski (Social Cognitive Networks Center, RPI, Troy, NY, USA): Dynamics of Spread of Opinions in Social Networks, he said about the dynamics of spread of opinions in social networks using two models for social contagion,
    • prof. Jacques Dubucs (ESFRI, CNRS): Social Physics and Its Application, he explained how we can nowadays understand physics and its application to social studies.

In three parallel panels: Innovative and Digital Economy, Digital Society and Digital Humanities the whole day researchers from Poland and abroad discussed about consequences of digitalization for modern market, society, philosophy. Between panels on coffee breaks and lunch all had chance to know each other.

We`re looking forward to seeing you on the other events of DELab UW!
Thank you all for the participation in the conference!

To visit Digital Ecosystems site click here.