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Project Description

Tinatin Akhvlediani

Research Assistant
Teaching Assistant at the faculty of Economic Sciences
email: t.akhvlediani@delab.uw.edu.pl

She has started working at DELab as a research assistant of dr. hab. Katarzyna Sledziewska for the research project on Visegrad countries. Currently she is engaged in several research projects related to ICT and innovations. Additionally, she  is a manager of  the 9th annual conference of European Mediterranean Research Business Institute  (EUROMED 2016) that will be organized by DELab inWarsaw – September, 2016.

Her research topics are related to the international trade, the EU enlargement, Visegrad group of countries, innovation and new technologies.

She is a PhD candidate at the University of Warsaw and teaches subjects related to international trade and macroeconomics for the bachelor’s and master’s studies in English at the faculty of economic sciences.  Additionally, she is assigned to be an ambassador of the University of Warsaw to the Georgian universities.

As her previous working experiences, she was a project manager of  international project of GASF, funded by FIA Motor Sport Safety Development Fund and a coordinator and the main trainer of the project “Share Experience with Your Peer” funded by Civil

Institutionalism Development Fund. She has provided trainings for 250 students of Kutaisi State University and Shota Rustaveli Batumi State University in Georgia.

As for her other interests, she is interested in history and literature; she enjoys singing, painting, travelling and

At DELab from February, 2015.

Research Assistant at DELAb & Teaching Assistant at the faculty of economic sciences of the University of Warsaw.


2013-15: MA with Honours, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Economic Sciences

2008-13: BA, with Honours, Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

Tinatin Akhvlediani, K. Śledziewska (2015). The Impacts of Common Commercial Policy on Export Performances of Visegrad Countries. Prague Economic Papers, March 2016 (w publikacji)

Tinatin Akhvlediani, K. Śledziewska,  B.Witkowski (2015). Panel data PPML approach to the gravity model. in collections of the Third International Conference on Advances in Management,

Economics and Social Sciences, Rome, Italy, 2015. (Named as the best paper of the conference).

Tinatin Akhvlediani, K. Śledziewska (2015). Structural Changes in Exports of Visegrad Countries: Evidence from the Sectoral Data, Book of Proceedings of the 11th International Scientific Conferenceon Economic and Social Development Zagreb, 17-18 December 2015, (ISSN 1849-7535) Ante Vuletic, Rebeka Danijela Vlahov, Igor Pihir eds., 234-241.

2014: ”The Effectiveness of Inflation Targeting in Georgia”, with prof. I. Meskhia, in Business and Law, No 4/2014.

2014: “Impacts of Fiscal Imbalances and Fiscal Arrangements on Sovereign Bond Yields”, with prof. I.Meskhia, in Business and Law, No 3/2014.

2010: „Further Perspectives of Business Development in Georgia”, in conference collection of Paata Gugushvili Institute, 2010. (in Georgian language)

2016 “Implications of the European Integration: Revisiting The Hypothesis of Hub-and-Spokes

Model”, with dr. hab. K. Sledziewska and dr. hab. B. Witkowski, Working Papers, DELAb 1/16.

2015: “Visegrad Countries: Evidence from the High-Tech Industry Data”, with dr. hab. K. Sledziewska, forthcoming in Book of Proceedings of the international conference “Digital Ecosystems”, Warsaw, Poland, 2016.

2015 “What Determines export performances in high-tech sectors”, with dr. hab. K. Sledziewska, Working Papers, DELAb 5/15.

2015: “Impacts of Common Commercial Policy on Export Performances of Visegrad Countries”,

Warsaw International Economic Meeting 2015, Warsaw, Poland.

2015: “What Determines Performances of Visegrad Countries in High-tech Industries?” Digital

Ecosystems, Warsaw, Poland.

2015: “Cooperatives: A New Path in Georgian Agriculture”, Les Journees Internationales du

Marketing, the 11th edition on the topic “Agricultural Cooperatives: Convergence of

International Practices”, research laboratory L-Qualimat & Masters of Management Sciences,

Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech, Morocco.

2011: Invited participant in the conference “Enhancing Tools and Mechanisms for Successful

Implementation of the National Action Plan on Gender Equality for 2011-2013” organized by

the Gender Equality Council of the Parliament of Georgia.

She was engaged in research project on Visegrad countries leaded by dr. hab. Katarzyna Sledziewska. The project was funded by the National Science Center of Poland.
2015: By the conference of the rectors of Polish Universities, in the international competition “Interstudent”, was named among the 22 best international students in Poland. (http://www.wne.uw.edu.pl/index.php/en/news/students/student-faculty-economic-sciences-amongmost-popular-students/ )

2014: Named among the most successful Tbilisi State University Graduates and her photo is exhibited in the museum of Tbilisi State University.

2013-15: Erasmus-Mundus Scholarship for full master’s degree in the University of Warsaw.

2013: Scholarship of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for two years master studies in Germany.

2013: Full Tuition Scholarship of Central European University in Budapest for MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets.

2011-12: Erasmus-Mundus Scholarship for bachelor studies during two academic semesters in Alexander Technological Educational Institution of Thessaloniki.

2012: Honor Certificate for performing an act of citizenship in Georgian Diaspora activities in Greece.

2008-12: The scholarship or the President of Georgia for outstanding undergraduate students.

2008: The Golden Medal and the personal computer from the President of Georgia.