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July 16, 2021

Our blog is the place where we give the floor to DELab specialists and distinguished guests, dealing with the issue of digitization. The idea behind blog posts is to share expert knowledge in an accessible way. We focus on reliability of data, solid analysis, while maintaining an attractive and readable form.

We zoom in on the issues of digital transformation of the economy and society and the methodology for studying the transition. On the blog, we publish both big data analytics results and research-based socio-economic and legal opinions. We are not afraid to discuss topical issues - hence the series of expert analyses on the impact of the pandemic on various sectors of the economy.

Poglądowa ilustracja reprezentująca przykładową publikację
#63 Mentor and Mentee – a way to make student dreams come true
With Aleksandra Woźniak (Incubator UW) about making student dreams come true.
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