#50 Can a robot be hugged?

In the 50th anni­ver­sa­ry epi­so­de of the „Efekt Sie­ci” pod­cast, we lean into key questions abo­ut digi­ti­za­tion. Can you hug a robot (and does it have to be built of wood to not be weird)? Would a walk with a robo-dog be dif­fe­rent from a walk with a clas­sic pet? The­re is an enco­ura­ging pun­chli­ne at the end.

Tosia (8 years old), Pola (8 years old), Gustaw (7 years old), Fra­nek (9 years old) and Iga (5,5 years old) sha­re the­ir know­led­ge and uno­bvio­us tho­ughts answe­ring Dr. Justy­na Pokoj­ska’s questions abo­ut:
- the pla­ces whe­re you can meet a real robot today,
- acti­vi­ties that robots can do for us and whe­ther we sho­uld be afra­id of trans­for­ming into a robot,
- whe­ther you can build robots out of wood,
- whe­ther a world in which robots will do eve­ry­thing for us real­ly is a dre­am ful­fil­led,
- reasons to stu­dy dili­gen­tly and cho­ose a good col­le­ge,
- fac­tors most impor­tant on the road to suc­cess in a digi­ti­zed world,
- tech­no­lo­gies that they abso­lu­te­ly can’t ima­gi­ne living witho­ut and whe­ther tech­no­lo­gies are win­ning in the clash with the real world,
- world in 50 years and whe­ther the­re will be arti­fi­cial intel­li­gen­ce in eve­ry coun­try,
- tech­no­lo­gies that Isra­el has and sho­uld sha­re with the rest of the world,
- what robots will repla­ce us in and whe­ther it’s even an idea worth considering.


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