#54 Who are we on the internet?

Onli­ne ano­ny­mi­ty allows us to do more – but are we real­ly cros­sing bar­riers? Or are we still being our­se­lves onli­ne and enga­ging in inte­rac­tions just as much as we do in real life?

DELab UW ana­lyst Dr. Maja Sawic­ka (WS UW) talks abo­ut our onli­ne inte­rac­tions and the results of a stu­dy of onli­ne forums for women who have expe­rien­ced miscar­ria­ge, answe­ring questions from Dr. Justy­na Pokoj­ska abo­ut:
- our iden­ti­ty onli­ne – are we the same, just less so, or do we even allow our­se­lves to be „our­se­lves” more becau­se of the ano­ny­mi­ty?
- the level of enga­ge­ment in onli­ne inte­rac­tions, com­pa­red to the „real world”,
- mani­fe­sta­tions of sha­me in digi­tal inte­rac­tions,
- inte­rac­tion mecha­ni­sms that can be seen in forums for women who have expe­rien­ced miscar­ria­ge,
- spo­so­by regu­la­cji zacho­wań w prze­strze­ni cyfro­wej,
- ways of wor­king out inte­rac­tion mecha­ni­sms in spa­ces that are not enti­re­ly legal,


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