Senior Consultant, Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network

Doctor of Economics, specialization: financial econometrics, capital markets, risk modeling in investment projects. Within EEN, he is responsible for access to foreign markets, analytical assessment in the valuation of intangible assets, business and financial analysis along with risk assessment, support in the area of business internationalization and product, process and service innovation.


The Disruption of Markets, Production, Consumption, and Work

prof. Katarzyna Śledziewska, prof. Renata Włoch

Jak nowe technologie zmieniają świat

prof. Katarzyna Śledziewska, prof. Renata Włoch

w kategorii Najlepsza książka szerząca wiedzę ekonomiczną

Z dr Moniką Paluch-Ferszt (SLCJ UW) i dr inż. Tomaszem Krawczykiem (DELab UW) o metodzie Monte Carlo.
With Prof. Mikołaj Lewicki and Feliks Tuszko ( Faculty of Sociology, UW) on NFT.
With Prof. Mikołaj Jasiński (Faculty of Sociology, University of Warsaw) on analyses using data from the ELA system.
With Dr. Natalia Juchniewicz (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Warsaw) on flaneuring in the age of digital media.



From 2016.03.15 to 2021.03.15 he was the Deputy Task Officer of Nuclear Phycisc Innovation (NUPIA) on behalf of the Environmental Heavy Ion Laboratory of the University of Warsaw in the consortium European Nuclear Science and Application Research 2 (ENSAR2) - European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654002. Together with Marie-Hélène Moscatello Di Giacomo (Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives & Assistant Director for Safety, Security, Radioprotection - GANIL) responsible for building a European network in the area of nuclear technology transfer.


He graduated from postgraduate studies "Information Systems and Data Analysis" at the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics Applications at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. He holds the following certificates: Microsoft Data Integration and Management Developer in SQL Server – Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Data Modeling and Analysis Developer in Excel – Microsoft Office, Passus Business Process Modeller in Datapolis Workbox – Passus Datapolis, Data Exploration and Visualization in STATISTICA – StatSoft. During his postgraduate studies, he also acquired skills in using SAS (Statistical Analysis System) software: data processing and analysis (SAS/4GL+SAS/EG), advanced data processing (SAS/SQL), data processing automation (SAS/ML), forecasting and simulation (SAS/4GL+SAS/PS), multivariate and spatial analysis (SAS/4GL), Data Mining methods (SAS/EM).

He holds an Engineer's Diploma from the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering (MEiL), Warsaw University of Technology, major: mechanics and machine design. Specialty: aerospace engineering. Thesis topic "FEA (Finite Element Method) analysis of F100-PW-229 engine fuselage and design of engine-airframe attachment element". Areas of interest: aerodynamics and flight mechanics, military aircraft engines, avionics, on-board instruments, aircraft weapon systems, and close and long range combat of high-maneuverability aircraft (interim thesis) - "Risk analysis by Monte Carlo method in the evaluation of exploitation of military aircraft on the example of F-16 and MiG-29 aircraft".

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