The result of numerous projects in which we are involved in various roles are reports and analyses published on our website. Over several years, we have created an extensive compendium of knowledge on the digital transformation of the economy and society: including competencies of the future and labor market transitions, globalization, and the digital single market. We also publish the results as interactive visualizations.

The culmination of our projects and publications is a book co-written by Prof. Katarzyna Śledziewska and Prof. Renata Włoch "Digital Economy. How New Technologies Are Changing the World."

As scientists and active researchers, we publish scholarly articles and monographs within our disciplines. Information about them is available in our ORCID accounts.

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Dr. hab. Katarzyna Śledziewska, Prof. UW, Dr hab. Renata Włoch, Prof. UW
The Digital Economy. How new technologies are changing the world

Which mechanisms shape the digital transformation of the economy and society? How to interpret the changes occurring in the areas of production and consumption and in the functioning of markets and the state? Are we facing technological unemployment due to automation? What are the implications of the digitization of global trade? Why is it important to sustain investment in education?

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