Anatomy of the EUregional trade agreements –what really influences economic integration?


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In this paper we ana­ly­se a con­tent of the EU tra­de agre­ements. In the first part we exa­mi­ne which are­as are cove­red by a cer­ta­in agre­ement with a given part­ner, divi­ding the are­as into the­se cove­red by the WTO law and not cove­red (star­ting point are works of Horn, Mavro­idis & Sapir). To ana­ly­se signi­fi­can­ce of the­se pro­vi­sions to eco­no­mic inte­gra­tion we use gra­vi­ty models. Such an ana­ly­ses ena­bles us to for­mu­la­te some conc­lu­sions con­cer­ning signi­fi­can­ce of the EU RTAs, its influ­en­ce on the EU mem­ber­ship in the WTO as well as the trends in the evo­lu­tion of the EU RTAs.

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