Digital Ecosystems. Smart Economy and Innovation

To conc­lu­de, the papers pre­sen­ted in this e‑book intro­du­ce the new per­spec­ti­ves and ori­gi­nal appro­aches to con­cep­tu­ali­se impli­ca­tions of infor­ma­tion revo­lu­tion and digi­ti­sa­tion on recent eco­no­mies. We belie­ve that the authors’ efforts sho­uld con­tri­bu­te the lite­ra­tu­re on digi­tal eco­sys­tems by brin­ging new insi­ghts and raising new rese­arch questions to expla­in cur­rent puz­zling digi­tal trends in the eco­no­mies involved.

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