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The series of meetings „Digi­ta­li­za­tion under the magni­fy­ing glass of scien­ce” and „Digi­tal Euro­pe Eco­no­mic Semi­nars” are orga­ni­zed under the „Ini­tia­ti­ve for Excel­len­ce – Rese­arch Uni­ver­si­ty” (IDUB). 

Digi­ta­li­za­tion under the clo­ser look of scien­ceis a series of Polish-lan­gu­age meetings during which we will look at issu­es rela­ted to digi­tal trans­for­ma­tion, new tech­no­lo­gies, inno­va­tion and digi­tal rese­arch methods.Digi­tal Euro­pe Eco­no­mic Semi­nars is a series of English-lan­gu­age meetings whe­re rese­arch in the field of digi­ti­za­tion is pre­sen­ted by leading rese­ar­chers from Euro­pe­an Union countries.

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Future meetings

Prof. Lau­ra Van­den­bosch (KU Leuven)

Migu­el Godin­ho de Matos (Cato­li­ca Lis­bon Scho­ol of Busi­ness and Economics)

Caro­li­na Dal­la Chie­sa (Era­smus Uni­ver­si­ty Rotterdam)

Dr. Rein­hold Kesler (Uni­ver­si­ty of Zurich)

Gina Potar­ca (Uni­ver­si­ty of Geneva)


Con­cep­tu­al partner

Aca­de­mic partner

Our semi­nars are one of the coope­ra­tion plat­forms plan­ned within IDUB, inte­gra­ting rese­ar­chers from War­saw Uni­ver­si­ty and leading Euro­pe­an cen­ters, dealing with digi­ti­za­tion and experts from the public sec­tor and busi­ness. We want our meetings to cre­ate a frien­dly envi­ron­ment for exchan­ging and sha­ring the latest know­led­ge, but also for trans­fer­ring spe­ci­fic com­pe­ten­cies in pro­ces­sing, ana­ly­zing and using data and expe­ri­men­ting with new rese­arch methods.

During the next deba­tes in the series Digi­ti­za­tion under the clo­ser lookof scien­ce, young scien­ti­sts will have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to pre­sent the­ir rese­arch in the field of digi­ti­za­tion and rece­ive sub­stan­ti­ve sup­port from experts. Thro­ugh the semi­nars, we want to popu­la­ri­ze the achie­ve­ments and rese­arch of young scientists.

In the English Digi­tal Euro­pe Eco­no­mic Semi­nars series, which aims to build inter­na­tio­nal coope­ra­tion based on know­led­ge exchan­ge, leading rese­ar­chers from Euro­pe­an Union coun­tries will pre­sent the results of the­ir latest rese­arch in the area of digitization.

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