DELAB UW Seminars

The series of meetings "Digitalization under the magnifying glass of science" and "Digital Europe Economic Seminars" are organized under the "Initiative for Excellence - Research University" (IDUB).

Digitalization under the closer look of scienceis a series of Polish-language meetings during which we will look at issues related to digital transformation, new technologies, innovation and digital research methods. "Digital Europe Economic Seminars" is a series of English-language meetings where research in the field of digitization is presented by leading researchers from European Union countries.

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Our seminars are one of the cooperation platforms planned within IDUB, integrating researchers from Warsaw University and leading European centers, dealing with digitization and experts from the public sector and business. We want our meetings to create a friendly environment for exchanging and sharing the latest knowledge, but also for transferring specific competencies in processing, analyzing and using data and experimenting with new research methods.

During the debates in the "Digitization under the closer look of science" series, young scientists will have an opportunity to present their research in the field of digitization and receive substantive support from experts. Through the seminars, we want to popularize the achievements and research of young scientists.

In the English-language "Digital Europe Economic Seminars" series, which aims to build international cooperation based on knowledge exchange, leading researchers from European Union countries will present the results of their latest research in the area of digitization.

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