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Caro­li­na Dal­la Chie­sa (Era­smus Uni­ver­si­ty Rotterdam)

Asses­sing Apple’s App Trac­king Transparency


Dr Mar­cel­la Tam­bu­scio (Austrian Aca­de­my of Sciences)

Infor­ma­tion spre­ading pro­ces­ses and polarisation

Network scien­ce and machi­ne lear­ning are power­ful tools to explo­re phe­no­me­na invo­lving human inte­rac­tions: in this semi­nar I will pre­sent some results abo­ut misin­for­ma­tion spre­ading and opi­nion dyna­mics in social networks, focu­sing on the con­cept that the under­ly­ing social con­nec­tions and the pre­sen­ce of com­mu­ni­ties with dif­fe­rent beha­vio­urs have a very impor­tant role in the evo­lu­tion of onli­ne conversations.

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Topics of the next meetings:

Estrel­la Gómez-Her­re­ra
(Uni­ver­si­ty of Bale­aric Islands)


Gina Potar­ca
(Uni­ver­si­ty of Geneva)

Does Onli­ne Dating Chal­len­ge Gen­de­red Mari­tal Practices?

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The orga­ni­zed series of semi­nars, under the the­me „Digi­ta­li­za­tion under the clo­ser look of science”is one of the acti­vi­ties under the pro­gram „Ini­tia­ti­ve of Excel­len­ce – Rese­arch Uni­ver­si­ty” (IDUB). The Digi­tal Euro­pe Eco­no­mic Semi­nars will pro­vi­de a flo­or for rese­arch focu­sed on digi­ti­sa­tion, with pre­sen­ta­tions given by the leading aca­de­mi­cians from the Euro­pe­an Union.

The semi­nars will focus on foste­ring dis­se­mi­na­tion of ide­as and buil­ding con­nec­tions betwe­en scho­lars from dif­fe­rent EU mem­ber sta­tes. The meetings are open to both aca­de­mic wor­kers and stu­dents, from both Poland and abro­ad. They will help bro­aden rese­arch per­spec­ti­ves and to cre­ate a network of con­tacts for poten­tial futu­re col­la­bo­ra­tion and know­led­ge exchange.

The “Digi­tal Euro­pe Eco­no­mic Semi­nars” take pla­ce twi­ce a month, with the meetings anno­un­ced in advan­ce on the semi­nar websi­te. All of the semi­nars will be in English. Past semi­nars can be vie­wed at the DELa­bUW YouTu­be chan­nel. You are welco­me to join!

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„Digital Europe Economic Seminars”

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