Project Description

Analysis of the geo-blocking mechanism in the context of price differentiation in cross-border e-commerce in the European Union. Poland’s perspective



The extensive analysis on e-commerce in Poland was commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in relation to the ongoing work of the EU Commission on the Digital Single Market strategy. State of the art data collection methods (web scraping, online mystery shopping) enabled the researchers from UW to analyse big data on product prices from 25 EU countries. The research team, led by PhD Katarzyna Śledziewska and PhD Maciej Sobolewski, examined the prices of 182 products (from categories: clothing, games and software, cosmetics and beauty, household appliances and electronics) with overall 25 thousand observations, which allowed to formulate the following conclusions:

  • There is a natural online price dispersion across EU markets, reaching on average 30%, which can be a considerable difference from the customers’ point of view
  • Poland is consistently the cheapest country from the Central and Eastern European countries, as prices are on average 10% to 16% below the EU average, depending on the product category
  • Despite the price advantage over other countries, only 3% of Polish firms are engaging in cross-border e-commerce, while the EU average is 8%

You can find many more interesting conclusions about the potential of cross-border e-commerce in Poland in the full report, which is available here.