Digital Ecosystems. Society in the Digital Age

Authors tac­kle the pro­blem of digi­tal eco­sys­tems and the pla­ce of humans within them from vario­us van­ta­ge points. From con­cep­tu­al maps of direc­ted human and digi­tal har­dwa­re inter­fa­cing to ana­ly­ses of influ­en­ces digi­tal eco­sys­tems exert on exi­sting social and eco­no­mic communities–we have still only touched the varie­ty and com­plex-ity of human and digi­tal world inter­play. Howe­ver, we belie­ve, and hope the readers of this antho­lo­gy agree, that it con­si­sts of a good repre­sen­ta­tion of are­as that need to be addres­sed and ana­ly­sed if we are to under­stand the signi­fi­can­ce of digi­tal ecosystems.

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