Gravity and trade in video on demand services

Dr. Annette Broocks

European Commission's Joint Research Centre

Project officer in the Digital Economy Unit of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre. She holds a PhD in Economics from KU Leuven.

Her research interests include price discrimination in e-commerce, cultural trade in audiovisual services, and market power of online platforms.


Analyst DELab UW

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We esti­ma­te the pat­terns of cata­lo­gue ava­ila­bi­li­ty (exten­si­ve mar­gin) and num­ber of clicks per title (inten­si­ve mar­gin) using a novel data set con­ta­ining the infor­ma­tion on Net­flix cata­lo­gu­es and vie­wing across 20 coun­tries. Our results show evi­den­ce of the gra­vi­ty fra­me­work expla­ining both mar­gins of Net­flix wat­ching. In par­ti­cu­lar, we find that Net­flix users have a strong pre­fe­ren­ce for dome­stic pro­duc­tions. Deta­iled infor­ma­tion on movie/show cha­rac­te­ri­stics gives us a uni­que oppor­tu­ni­ty to esti­ma­te the impor­tan­ce of quali­ty in deter­mi­ning the pat­terns of Net­flix wat­ching. Inde­pen­dent vie­wers» ratings and title’s age play a key role in expla­ining the num­ber of clicks going to a par­ti­cu­lar title. Final­ly, Net­flix ori­gi­nal pro­duc­tions attract a dispro­por­tio­nal­ly lar­ge num­ber of clicks.

A series of Polish-language meetings during which researchers and guest speakers look at issues related to digital transformation, new technologies, innovation and digital research methods.

The aim of the "Digitisation under the closer look of science" seminars is to build cooperation between academia, the public sector and business. Scientists share their research findings and have the opportunity to discuss them with experts. The results of their work are available on the DELab UW website.

Gravity and trade in video on demand services
European Commission – Joint Research Centre
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