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Project Description

Kristóf Gyódi

Analyst  DELab UW
Faculty of Economic Sciences UW

Kristóf is member of the research team in the areas of Smart Economy and Digital Market, where he is engaged with problems related to measuring digital economy, e-commerce and digital competences of SMEs. He is especially interested in Industry 4.0. and its potential in Central Europe. Kristóf is doing his PhD at the Faculty of Economic Sciences at UW at the Department of Macroeconomics and International Trade. With DELab since October 2015.
2010-2013: B.A. z Ekonomii Międzynarodowej na WNE UW

2013-2015: M.A. z Ekonomii Międzynarodowej na WNE UW

2014-2015: Development Economics na Uniwersytecie Georga-Augusta w Getyndze w ramach programu Erasmus+

Gyódi K. (2014). The Impact of FDI on Bilateral Exports: The Case of the Automotive Industry in the Visegrad Countries, Ekonomia, No. 37, pp. 57-77.

Gyódi K. (2015). Determinants of Government Bond Yields and Contagion During the Crises in the CEE countries, Working Paper.